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    Why SALONIK saffron is considered as best quality and Grade 1 Saffron :

  1. Salonik Saffron is imported from Iran and Iran is producing the word best quality of saffron

  2. Salonik is considered as Grade 1 saffron as per ISO 3632 Standard

  3. The Floral waste is not detected in our saffron , although ISO 3632 standard allow 0.5% - 1 % and FSSAI allows 15% Floral waste.

  4. Total Ash in our product is 1.01 whereas it is allowed up to 8% in all standards.

  5. Volatile matter at prescribed temperature is 7.24% in our product which is far better the acceptable 14% by weight as per FSSAI standard.

  6. If you look to the above values, you can understand that we supply the top most quality of saffron. Modern medicine has discovered pure saffron as an active anti – mutagenic, immune modulator, anti – depressant, anti – oxidant and sex stimulant.

    This priceless spice has been known as a remedy for all joint and muscular problems. This exotic spice contains nutrients like thiamine , riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A and vitamin B as well as folic acid which are vital to lead a healthy life.

    This amazing spice enriched with many health benefits also offers therapeutic values which will induce you to use saffron for your beauty routine.

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